The Magic Toychest


People can’t look at the Magic Toychest and it's cute smile and not smile themselves!  It brings happiness to everyone. 


Comments such as “It’s so cute!” and  “I love that smile!” are frequently heard. 


The Magic Toychest offers a warm and welcoming experience for kids and parents alike, while setting a great tone for your staff and practice.  

The Coins


The 2" solid brass coins with the secret codes are virtually indestructible under normal use.  


They can be engraved with your practice name along with your secret codes.  There is a hole in the top enabling them to hang from the operatory lamp.  


The secret code on the coin allows your kids to open the toychest door with the keypad.  Then, after picking out their reward, they place the coin into a slot inside the toychest to close the door.  The coins stay with the practice.



The Keypad


The keypad is very easy for a child to use.  It accepts the secret code number on the coin to open the Magic Toychest door.  


Although the keypad can be attached directly to the Magic Toychest, it is far more exciting to have the keypad on a wall some distance from the toychest.


The keypaid is easily programmable by you for any combination of three to eight numbers.   

Child pushing keypad



Rewards are not limited by type, size, company, or price.  Your practice can order toys from dozens of different vendors so that you can reward great behavior with fun, quality toys of your choosing.


Popular toys include trucks, gliders, airplanes, necklaces, large bouncy balls, sunglasses, purses, coloring books, and crayons etc.  We can recommend several different vendors.  

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