The Magic Toychest Experience memories of 20- 30 years ago!

These adults were kids in Dr. Stephan's practice where the experience all began.

Michael J.

        "I would have sucked on those fluoride trays for thirty minutes just to get the gold coin!"

Jonathan G. 

        "The toy chest was the highlight of my day!  I stared at that gold coin hanging from                    above me.  It had this shining beam of light I could focus on.  I knew that if I was good              and kept my mouth wide open, I would get that gold coin."

Andrew T.

        "I absolutely remember the toy chest with the token and the door that came up.  I

         remember always looking at the toy chest on the way in and - oh... I know what's                        coming, but I know I will survive this thing and then I can get a toy.  The brass

         coins had a small hole in the top to put over a hook.  For a kid, any kind of a

         treasure like this in a dentist's office is hilarilously awesome."

Charrisa N.

        "I remember the toy chest really well!  We would drive all the way out there from                        Auburn to go to the dentist.  I remember I would get a coin and would use it to

         open the toychest door and it was so bright in there and the mirror made it like a                      treasure chest!  I would get something like a necklace or a balsa airplane or

         parachute people or plastic bracelets.  I would put the coin in a slot then the

         door would close again.  I remember when my mom talked about Dr. Stephan's

         office, that wonderful toychest was the first thing I would think of!"

Sarah S.

        "I loved the anticipation of getting the coin and waiting for the door to open. 

         Kind of like Ali Baba and Open Sesame waiting to see what treasures awaited 

         you on the other side."

Nick B.

        "I remember the toy chest!  That toy chest was the reason to go to the dentist.  

         It made it all worth while.  That whole process was really fun.  It was just like

         unlocking Pandora's Box.  I had all this excitement and anticipation to get through

         the dentistry.  I'll get my treasure.  That was awesome to me."

Carl E.

        "The coin was on top of the light and I could always see it.  Okay, I can reach for

          that.... I can get it!  There were so many cool toys in that chest it was hard picking

          out which one I wanted;  it was really tough.  I thought, oh, next time I'll get another                 cool toy!"

Federick T. 

        "I really loved your toy chest.  It was always very exciting because I didn't know

         what would be in there and it had that mechanical door that opened.  I remember

         you put a code in on a wall then the door opened and then to close the door you

         put the coin in a slot.  It felt so different than just having a little bucket with toys;  

         it was something much more special!"

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